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SD-kaart voor de Pinta


Alleen voor bezitters van een Pinta: 64GB micro SD-kaart met alle software voorgeïnstalleerd … direct gebruiksklaar. Uitvoerig getest en geselecteerd op kwaliteit, snelheid en gebruiksduur.

Beschikbaar via nabestelling


Product Description

Niet bestellen as u een nieuwe Pinta bestelt. Daar zit de SD-kaart al bij.

Micro SD-kaart voor de Pinta, met de nieuwste software klaar voor gebruik. Deze is voor upgraden … als u een Pinta koopt dat zit daar al de laatste versie van de micro-SD-kaart bij (niet hier bijbestellen dus).

Uitsluitend voor kopers van de Pinta!

De SD-kaart wordt voor u geprepareerd op basis van uw naam en adres. Als daar verandering in is gekomen, neem dan contact op met Columbus goes Digital.

De SD-kaart die Columbus goes Digital levert is uitvoerig getest en is, voor uw Pinta, de snelste en meest bedrijfszekere SD-kaart.

Onderstaand, in het Engels, de versiegeschiedenis en verdere instructies.

Version History Columbus goes Digital

How to see your version number? In your Pinta close OpenCPN (Navigate -> Close opencpn). You will see the desktop which will tell you what version of the Pinta software package you are using. If you don’t see a version number your version will met less than 1.2.

Below you will see changes made, from most recent to older versions. There are continuous updates to the manual but they are not recorded here. The manual on the website is always the latest version, but the manual on the Pinta fits the software version of that Pinta.

Every new version of the Pinta software has many software updates, sometimes close to a hundred. Most correct errors or improve performance, others add functionality that may or may not be visible to users. These are nog recounted below, they are assumed to be ‘under the hood’.

Should you update?

Columbus goes Digital supplies everything ready to use. As such, there is no way to update over the internet … there are simply too many software packages involved to make this practical. Therefore a new version involves purchasing a new SD-card that comes preinstalled with all the software, settings et cetera. A new version will therefore cost money and is advised only if you run into problems that a new version solves or if you want functionality that a new version will add to your Pinta.

How do I keep my stuff with a new SD-card?

A new SD-card means you have to redo all your settings and re-install all your purchased charts. You can however save your data and put it in the new version. This requires some work: you will need to save your data on a PC (or Mac) and restore it on the new SD-card.

A new version will be supplied with the WiFi password on your Pinta. So unless you changed the WiFi password the you should automatically connect to your Pinta, no changes there.

  1. Startup your Pinta (with your old version), close OpenCPN (Navigate -> close…)
  2. Connect your PC to the file system of the Pinta (carefully read the manual, it explains everything!!)
  3. Copy the ‘Columbus’ (upper case ‘C’) directory from the Pinta to your PC. ONLY the Columbus directory! Copying other directories will severely impede the new version and may even kill it. You might also see a directory called ‘.columbus’ (starting with a dot, lower case ‘c’). DO NOT TOUCH IT.
  4. Take the power off your Pinta (unplug), remove SD-card, insert new SD-card, start up
  5. Close OpenCPN (Navigate -> close …). You will see the new version number on the desktop.
  6. Connect your PC to the file system of the Pinta (carefully read the manual!!)
  7. Copy the Columbus directory from your PC to the Pinta. Once again, ONLY the Columbus directory.
  8. Pull the plug. Do not shut down, just pull the power plug.
  9. Wait 10 seconds, then re-insert the power. You should now be up and running with your own stuff on the new version. This includes charts you have purchased.

Version History


First international language version. Languages available: NL, DE, FR, EN, ES. Sets the language for the operating system, VNC, OpenCPN, D-menu and XyGrib.
For now language can only be set at production, later on it will be available to users.


Updated the OpenSeaMap charts.

Made VNC and Guacamole work faster.

Some new software for production of SD-cards.


Added a new Columbus goes Digital menu in the hamburger menu … the character ‘D’ with a chart in it. This frees users so they can use Launcher plugin for themselves. The Columbus goes Digital menu cannot be changed by the user.

Some new software for production of SD-cards.


Added a programmed shutdown procedure specific to the Pinta so OpenCPN setup files are always properly saved. Shutdown is done through the little rocket option in the hamburger menu. Users are no longer required to close OpenCPN manually (navigate -> close) to save their changes in the settings (like when installing a new chart). It just proved too confusing for users, so therefore this new and very easy shutdown menu option.


A new directory is placed in directory Columbus: setup. This will hold programs to change settings of the Pinta. First program – to be used from the command line – is which allows users to change the size of the turbo charts disk.

Some new software for production of SD-cards.


Bug version: after updating apache2 – the web server – to a new version in 1.33 it would not start up. This was due to a log error and was corrected in this version.


Corrected various minor bugs.

Some new software for production of SD-cards.

Added a checklist check-box to tables in websheets. Now you can create your own checklists and check items. For instance, have a Departure checklist, and an Arrival checklist and of course an Anchoring checklist.


Upgraded to OpenCPN 5.20.

Installed the high resolution GSHHG – the green chart – chart in Pinta’s. Necessary for a few plugins, among others the weather routing plugin.

Added several chart groups to make life for users easier.

Changed zoom-interval when using the + and – buttons. Interval was too big to be useful and OpenCPN 5.20 allowed changing – though not for users, only for programmers.

The GPS receiver supplied with the Pinta now has it’s own name on the Pinta. This prevents naming depending on order of connecting USB devices, thereby confusing OpenCPN.

Made the Dutch help text available as the help text in OpenCPN.

Prepared the Pinta for Nautin supplied add-ons for OpenCPN. The Nautin icons are preinstalled on the Pinta, a folder for Nautin stuff has been created in folder Columbus. And in chart downloader added a Nautin catalogue to make it easier for users. They will however have to enter their email-address themselves.

Added table functionality to web sheets. You can now create tables and display them any way you want in your ship website. Entries in a table can also link to pop-up pictures.


Apple changed Safari so Guacamole went strange. Apache applied changes to cater for this, so installed and compiled new Guacamole version.


Added guacamole. This allows charts to be viewed and manipulated through a HTML5 compliant webbrowser. Much easier for guests because they don’t need VNC. VNC, however, is still the better option. In the webbrowser login is required and two are provided: on is view-only and the other allows manipulating the chart.


Added protection for opencpn.conf and openplotter.conf as they would revert to ‘out of the box’ configuration on unexpected power down. Tested this over 100 times and not one problem occurred.


Added bespoke software to protect the Pinta from abrupt power disruptions (e.e. unplugging while running). 

Added specialised software to stop the Pinta from writing extensive log files to the SD, thereby diminishing SD life time.


First customer ready version. Dutch version only, as yet.

Error reports and improvement suggestions from beta test group solved and incorporated in this version.


Beta version for testing in UK, NL, FR and DE. Language versions also tested.

Additional Information

Gepersonaliseerde kaart

Deze kaart is alleen beschikbaar voor bezitters van een Pinta. Na aankoop wordt naam en adres geverifieerd. Mocht die inmiddels zijn veranderd, neem dan contact op met Columbus goes Digital.


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